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Industries Served

The professionals affiliated with Valcon Partners, Ltd. have performed engagements for a wide variety of industries and occupancies. The following is a brief listing of the industries we have served:


  • Assembly
  • Subsystem and component manufacturing


  • Colleges
  • Universities and
    Trade schools

Energy and Utilities:

  • Oil wells
  • Gas and electric utilities
  • Cellular and land line telephone companies

General Manufacturing:

  • Metal stamping
  • Textiles
  • Plastics (injection, extrusion, blow molding)
  • Rubber manufacturing
  • General and specialized metal working
  • Specialty Glass Products
  • Wire stranding
  • Transformer manufacturing

High Tech:

  • Circuit boards
  • Computer manufacturers
  • Broadcast and communication equipment


  • Hotels and resorts
  • Golf courses
  • Restaurants


  • General hospital and clinic equipment
  • Nuclear medicine and radiology equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • General and specialty doctor’s practices
  • Local and regional medical centers
    and hospitals


  • Above ground and below ground mines for a variety of products and hospitals


  • Newspapers
  • Magazines and periodicals
  • Digital printing
  • Sheet feed and web printing
  • Custom shops

Process Equipment:

  • Chemical manufacturing
  • Paper manufacturing and converting
  • Food processing and packaging
  • Candy processing and packaging
  • Foundries
  • Coffee Roasting

Retail and Wholesale Distribution:

  • Retail stores
  • Distribution warehouses
  • Gas stations and convenience stores

Transportation and Construction Equipment:

  • Aviation and Aerospace
  • Railroad equipment
  • Truck and trailer fleets
  • Construction equipment
  • School Bus and Transportation


  • Complex sortation and product handling systems and Mobile equipment

Waste Processing:

  • Commercial and residential
  • Industrial
  • Medical

Wood Processing:

  • Saw mills and lumber mills
  • General and specialized wood working shops


  • Law firms
  • Office campuses
  • Antique Machinery
  • Zoos & Theme Parks
  • Elderly care centers
  • Restaurants
  • Specialty dies and molds
  • Automotive centers

Steel Processing:

  • Scrap metal
  • Foundries
  • Steel mills
  • Steel converting